Ski to your heart's content!

Yes, really, there's much enjoyable skiing to be done around Naoussa! There are two ski resorts very close to Naoussa and for those willing to travel further afield there's a link at the bottom of the page for those ski centres. Do remember to check the snow report before setting out each day.


3 - 5 Pigadia

The name means 3 - 5 wells. As funny as it sounds to have a range of well numbers as a name (!) the place is great for winter skiing. There are 10 ski slopes totalling 10km, of all difficulties from green to black and long enough to make a run really worth it. It's the only place in Greece to have artificial snow generators, but the snow is usually brilliant. There are about three hire shops just outside Naoussa offering really good rates, but there is also a good hire facility at the ski centre itself. The ski lift pass for the 5 ski lifts is cheap and you can find many organised schools when there too.

Website The site is in Greek but you can see photos and live cams.

How to get to 3-5 Pigadia from Naoussa




This is the birthplace of skiing in Greece and has been operating since 1934. Today it offers 19 courses of all grades, totalling 17km including runs for snow boarders. As with 3-5 Pigadia there are equipment rental facilities on site and schools too, at reasonable prices, as well as bars, hotels and places to take break!

Website This site is in Greek, but this site gives details in English

How to get to Seli from Naoussa


And there's more!

Scroll down a little on snow report where you'll see a map of all the 22 ski centres in Greece to check out what else is available for you. The nearest centre worth going to is on the Kaimatsalan mountain about an hour north of Naoussa. The site is in Greek, but you can get an idea of the place through pictures and information in English from the first link in this paragraph.