Mountains of pleasure

What do you like doing outdoors? Well, whatever it is, you can probably do it all in and around Naoussa. Nestled on the foothills of the Vermio mountain range you can ski at one of two nearby resorts in the winter, trek, cycle or drive 4x4. There are captivating nature walks too for those more inclined to simply relax and be.

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Skiing in Greece? You’re even spoilt for choice!

Ski to your heart's content!

Good things come in pairs and Naoussa offers you not one, but two ski centres on its doorstep! Suitable for all levels, long runs, ski schools and equipment hire at very reasonable rates make Naoussa a great winter ski destination, with live events too!

Go skiing

Take on the mountain on your own two wheels

Cycle through mountain plains and thick forests and meet all that nature has for you.

With trails all over the mountain, and flatter foothills, there are short and extended trails to satisfy even the most hardened enthusiast.

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Be a trail blazer

Take on the outdoors at your own pace

There are routes of varying difficulty that have been created across the Vermio mountain range. Follow trails that will lead you to streams, brooks, cliff faces, open spaces and explore the great and ancient mountain. All a stone’s throw from Naoussa.

Go trekking

Man and machine meet the mountain

4x4 to the max! 

You won’t be disappointed should you like testing your driving skills to the limit.
There are routes and organisations in place to give you the very best experiences.

Go off road!


Bouldering around

See the mountain from a whole new angle!

What new sport would you come up with on a mountain? The Vermio Boulder Fest every year takes rock climbing to the limit. Feel brave enough? 

Get rocking

The St. Nicholas' Grove experience

Surrounded by nature, yet very accessible

Few places in Greece can boast a grove quite like St.Nicholas'. On the outskirts of the city you can walk for hours through acres of grass, the riverside, pond and feel that you're in undisturbed nature on the side of a mountain.

A town steeped in nature

Just a short walk away

The town park features amazing views, waterfalls and the feeling that you're really amongst nature. A great place to go for a walk when in town.