Macedonian Heritage

A story that would change the world forever

Ancient Macedonia laid the foundation stone for the broad export of the Greek way of life, creating a global dynasty still highly regarded for all that it has contributed to global civilisation and human achievement.

It is incredible just what has been preserved throughout two millennia of absolute secrecy, not only in quantity but the degree of detail that can still be observed to give us a confident picture of what life was really like at the beginning and at the heart of this global dynasty.

Let your journey back to ancient Macedonia begin.

Vergina - The tombs of the kings

It feels like you're walking on the set of an Indiana Jones movie

Behind the very door in this picture laid the remains of Phillip II, King of Macedon, widely credited for uniting the Macedonian tribes and preparing the way for his son, Alexander the Great, to conquer the known world and write this significant chapter of global history.

Imagine being the first to have entered this shrine, seeing all the great king's treasures that had not seen the light of day for over two millennia. And what secrets it housed. It’s a discovery as large and as significant as any.


Treasure that will tell you a legend

Alexander the Great put on a hugely impressive funeral for his father, fit for an emperor. These battle ornaments, jewels and crowns were to accompany his father and wife into the afterlife. After two millennia kept secret by the earth, they are ready to tell you their story.

Enjoy a glimpse here, to whet your appetite, but go and visit it yourself for the full disclosed version of the legend. Don't forget that there are two sites in Vergina; the tombs and the palace. Start at the tombs and then go to the palace, because the palace museum has been closed for renovation recently. The palace of Aigai is not only the biggest but, together with the Parthenon, is the most significant building of classical Greece.



Aristotle's School

Where a future king was educated to rule the world

It’s amazing that we can really get a glimpse so far back to the very birth of ideas itself, ideas that form the bedrock of western civilisation. This is exactly what you can do here. Stand in the very place where Alexander the Great learnt wisdom from one of the greatest philosophers ever to walk the Earth.


Dion - The sacred place of the ancient Macedonians

Discover what the ancient Macedonians put their hope in and how they practised their faith

Dion, meaning “of Zeus” is on the foothills of Mount Olympus, home of the gods. It is the place where they would seek divine guidance and blessing for all that they did and offer thanks for their victories. The museum and archaeological site provide a fascinating insight into how ancient Macedonians really perceived life and success, and the role the gods played in that. Visitors have the best things to say about it.

On the eve of his infamous campaign across Asia in 334 BC, Alexander the Great assembled his army to perform great sacrifices in order to gain the gods’ blessings. But, don’t take our word for it; take a trip there yourself and uncover what kind of belief system Alexander and his fellow Macedonians were really empowered and inspired by.


Mount Olympus is an incredible mountain to climb and has well marked paths and shelters to sleep and buy meals. It is well worth breaking your climb with an overnight stay.



The capitol of an empire

The palace of the Macedonians

Pella was the most grandiose city of the Macedonia Kingdom. Its agora, or town square, was by far the largest in the region - something that you can still see for yourself. It was the birth place and capital of both Phillip II and his son, Alexander the Great. If you want to know how ancient Macedonians managed their affairs, ruled and lived at their best, Pella is the place to visit. 

The archeological site and museum are world class and much has been preserved so that you can step back in time and feel what life was like then.