A town with a tale to tell

The town that keeps reinventing itself

The story of Naoussa goes back to ancient Macedonian times, where a young prince Alexander would learn from the wisdom of Aristotle before overcoming the known world, with the wisdom he had gained. Since then Naoussa has gone through various evolutions, from a Roman colony (where it got its name), a famous last stand against the ruling Ottoman empire, a proud textiles giant and fine wineries; all creating stories, traditions and identity for what has now become a modern town ready to reveal its story. Enter. The door is already open.

A carnival, the like of which, you won’t see anywhere else

The carnival season of Naoussa is something really quite extraordinary. Combining ancient Dionysian fertility celebrations and heroic fights throughout history, the “Boules” is rich in costume, music, dance and celebration. You won't want to miss a thing.

Been there, seen it, now you can read the book!

What would make you write a book? You'd probably have to really care about it and have plenty to say. One of Naoussa's residents felt the need to talk about his town and reveal the full secret and story. If Naoussa's tickled your fancy, then you can get your full dose and read the book, right here!

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Unraveling the past

Naoussa’s museums offer you the glimpse into the Naoussa story as seen through the eyes of the Naoussaeans themselves. Delve into the tradition of the “Boules” or get to grips with why Naoussa was willing and able to take the last stand against the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century. Just stroll through their doors to piece together a story you can learn from.

Freedom comes at a price

Our freedom is something much of us take for granted, since we have never had it seriously threatened. What would you do if all that you stood for was under threat, if the way of life you knew might disappear? Less than 200 years ago the people of Naoussa took a stand for their freedom, which left a lasting legacy on their descendants, and a lesson about the value of freedom they will never forget.

Reclothing a reborn nation

Textiles became the industrial powerhouse of Naoussa, soon after Greek independence in the mid 19th century, from which a nation could not just adequately, but proudly cloth itself once again. The factories have closed now, but their history, impact and even their buildings continue to love on in the story of the city that makes Naoussa what it is.

Capturing reality, fantasy and a combination of both!

The film festival provides a unique opportunity for creative expression of the brightest new talents to be recognised, enjoyed and encouraged. With material from all over the world it has much to offer the more educated observer.

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